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Posted by Markelle Grabo on August 26, 2012 at 11:40 AM

Today marks my fifth day at Loyola University Chicago. Classes start tomorrow. Thus far, I've been occupied with fun Welcome Week activities, meeting new people, and managing a life away from home. This leaves little time for writing. However, I have made several attempts. The first was in my dorm room. I had some free time, so I decided to open up the file containing Book 7 of the Journey into the Realm series and have at it.

It didn't go so well.

I'm a "comfort zone" writer. I'm inspired by my setting. Places like my room at home, a cozy local Starbucks, and my summer campground have fueled hours of productive writing time. In my dorm room, even with all my little fantasy pewter figurines lined up in a row and cheering me on, I couldn't find the inspiration. I wrote a few paragraphs and promptly gave up.

I tried again in the second floor lounge. Although I was frequently distracted by an episode of Law and Order: SVU (I mean, how could you not be?!), the open space actually helped. I found myself loosening up a bit more. Not enough to shell out chapter after chapter, but it was progress.

The end result? Well, I'm sure once I get used to college life and my anxiety lets up, I'll be able to write more than a few pages. But I doubt with all my classes and activities that I'll have large periods of time where I can just sit and write. While the thought of this depresses me a little, I can still look forward to trips home when I can briefly forget education and return to my own Realm of fantasy. And since I plan to be writing for the rest of my life, four years of interruptions can't be all that bad.

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Reply Pat Lantier
12:39 PM on August 26, 2012 
You have an intrepid soul when it comes to writing, Markelle. I know what you mean about the right environment for inspiration. And you?ve got the right idea, of course - just keep searching, when you have those free extra moments, for two or three little spaces on campus that will let you soar. Sometimes, the best locations are surprising!
Reply Mary Jo Kaatz
4:25 PM on August 26, 2012 
You will do just fine--------:)
I got your book in the mail on Saturday so I will be busy reading and turning each page:)
Take Care and Be Happy ( writing and studying)