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Ramsey's Character - Part 3 : Relationships

Posted by Markelle Grabo on September 29, 2011 at 10:25 PM

As I'm writing, oftentimes I picture myself as the reader to gain further insight into what I've written and how readers will react to the plot of the story. I ask questions and make comments as if I were reading my work for the first time. I did this several times as I wrote and edited The Elf Girl.

The majority of my questions came toward the end of the novel. And no, they didn't deal with Ramsey's secret or the dangerous Finn (shocker, right?). Instead, they concerned Ramsey's relationship status. After an enchanting dance with the Stranger, Ramsey lets him go and makes her way home, more confused than ever about her feelings and her future. All she knows is that she has to move past what happened with Stellan to focus on figuring out her secret and starting her new life. But does this new life include Stellan, or does he belong in the past with his mistakes? That's what Ramsey doesn't know as she stands on her doorstep. But then Stellan appears, and she's forced to finally make a decision. After declaring his love for her, Ramsey surprises herself (and some readers, surely) by forgiving him fully.

So why does she forgive Stellan and forget about the Stranger? Well, a lot has happened in Ramsey's life in the weeks leading up to this moment. After dealing with dangerous fairies, secrets, a long lost sister, a new ability - basically, a whole new life, Stellan has become her rock. What she's certain of are her feelings for him. She loves him - or at least that is her current definition of the word (remember, she's still a teenager who hasn't had much experience in this department...all right, none at all). But she isn't certain of what she has with the Stranger. Yes, they have a connection, but that's all she knows. And at the end of the day, Stellan is too important to throw away over a few strange encounters and a magical dance. He's made mistakes, but try as she might, Ramsey can't find it in her heart to stay mad at him forever. And she wants to give their relationship a chance, because after a life of rejection, she's ready to explore the avenue of acceptance. But will this love between them last? Well, that all depends on how their relationship grows as the physical distance between them grows as well.

As for the Stranger...Will he be a part of Ramsey's future? Sorry, but I can't answer that question. I've become the writer once again. You readers will just have to wait and see...

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